Saturday, September 4, 2010,Saturday, September 04, 2010
pooja coconut and burning camphor

pooja coconut and burning camphor

This is how new things or the day begins here. Coconut with burning camphor is smashed on the road. Yes on the road.
This being my first post, and this is my Pooja, booja as we pronounce it here.

There have been protests from friends that i never post anything about my city Chennai. Here it is, a whole blog, Chennai in pictures. There are many Chennai daily picture blogs, i can't promise the same as i disappear with alarming regularity, travel or simply sit and do nothing, when i get in to a silent mode. have no energy to post pictures and write every day like Daily photo blogs.

pooja material

selling pooja coconuts

This is where you get the Pooja coconuts from. 
And this is where they all end up,  yes on the road

Chennai pooja on the road

Chennai,pooja on the road

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