Monday, September 6, 2010,Monday, September 06, 2010
WAIT WAIT WAIT...........
Chennai Traffic cop

wait wait wait...... Where do you think you are going ?
This is a Chennai Traffic cop stopping an offender. Believe me our cops simply love the offenders. They are bread and butter of the police force.
In fact the cops here are happy to see them commit some traffic offense or the other.

family on a scooter

A Family on a scooter. 
This is pretty normal here in Chennai, and cops now ignore them, it is an offense nonetheless. Much worse in North India where a family on a scooter carrying things like furniture, big utensils, is a common sight and i have seen one family carrying a ladder on a much smaller two wheeler. They use the scooter like a small truck.

We the people of Chennai are mostly law abiding citizens, we are CHO CHWEEET, MUUUWAH !. We don't push to the limits. We don't like to give lot of work to the Chennai police force. We want them to relax but they are too relaxed and lazy for anybody's comfort.

You can see more pictures in India overload post in Daylight Again

You see harsh shadows in the picture. That can give you an idea how hot it is here. The husband is sensible, wearing a white dress but the wife's black Sari is unpardonable. She'll be roasted in the heat by the time she reaches home.

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