Thursday, October 21, 2010,Thursday, October 21, 2010
glass bangles

oh this is not an air conditioned showroom in a fancy shopping mall. these are the streets of Mylapore. you keep walking, spot the thing you like and you stop.

glass bangles

a PhD or an illiterate, everybody loves bangles, here you find glass, plastic or cheap metal bangles.  You don't have to spend much money to feel good. 

And the conversation always begins with  Hey ! lovely bangles ! where did you buy them ?

Go ahead  ....  try them on.

glass bangles

Lovely hands. The bangles make your hands look beautiful. i like the tingling sound they make. And they make you very very feminine, even if you are wearing jeans and  a t shirt.

In a fancy showroom you hesitate to bargain. 
Here on the streets you spend a lot of energy bargaining before you pay. You have to.  Its part of the fun shopping on the streets. 

Happy ?  

yes she is. 

glass bangles

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